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hi welcome to sweetlava ! i will provide you with resources , graphics & tutorials‚ô• if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment in the c-box or message me on facebook its greatly appreciated , love you guys & i hope you enjoy


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Name:Kelsie | date: August 8th, 2016 | Listening to : Sex With Me - Rhianna | Mood: Chill |
Hey Fuckers , Back with a new layout Again Thanks To Kecia Bae shes honestly the Best & The shit♥ anyways MY birthday is in a few weeks ill be 22 , kinda exciting idk lol , Summer was pretty good sad its almost over already :( , but also i'm excited for fall , BUT back to site stuff , Sweetlava will have new content im always trying to make the site better & also I have a webstore YOU guys should check it out , But i will NO longer be having color schemes on my webstore so pls dont ask xoxo.