Im Just Stuntin On my ex Bitch *dab*

Name:Kelsie | date: September 10th, 2016 | Listening to : x - 21 savage | Mood: swaggy lol |
Hey ! whats up ! Ive been Mia alot lately & wanted to come back with a simple ass theme i guess lol cuz im lazy to code honestly, but anyways uhm i should be adding alot of content soon <3 idk what to say so byeee

You know I got the $auce, You know I'm $aucy

Name:Kelsie | date: August 8th, 2016 | Listening to : Sex With Me - Rhianna | Mood: Chill |
Hey Fuckers , Back with a new layout Again Thanks To Kecia Bae shes honestly the Best & The shit♥ anyways MY birthday is in a few weeks ill be 22 , kinda exciting idk lol , Summer was pretty good sad its almost over already :( , but also i'm excited for fall , BUT back to site stuff , Sweetlava will have new content im always trying to make the site better & also I have a webstore YOU guys should check it out , But i will NO longer be having color schemes on my webstore so pls dont ask xoxo.